In this article I show you how to clone your old hard disk and copy it into new hard disk through a mass storage as bootable key

Il would you like to change your hard disk but  you don’t reinstall your applications?

1) Download Macrium reflect: this software is free for use non commercial, and Install it.
2) Create a bootable key.
This step will create a lite Operative system bootable
1) insert a mass storage key into your pc
2) Run Macrium Reflect and select Other task and Create Rescue Media
2)Click Next
3)Click Next
3) Select USB Device and Click Finish Button

4) Next and wait a few minute
5) at the end you have create a bootable disc

Now, we will create an image of your PC

How to create an image of your disc
1-Select Image Selected Disks On This Computer06 Immagine

2-Select Source Drivers and Destination Folder (your mass storage) and click Next
07 Immagine

3- Click Next….
08 Immagine

4- Click Finish and wait a few hours……
09 Immagine

5- ……after four hours more or less my Disk Image was created

Recovery Image

1- You substitute old disk with new disk
2- You don’t forget to change the BIOS boot order so the USB device option is listed first.          You watch this article to Enable Boot USB
3- Insert Usb Mass Storage on your PC
4- Power On and waiting started

5- When Macrium Reflector SO is Started…
6- Select yout file ISO from  Browser For an Image or Backup
7- if the file is more than one,you select what ending with 00
8- Click on Restore Image

10 Immagine
7- On the frame Destination Select the partition one at time and select check Delete Existing Partition
8- Select Next until the end and wait  when your restore was finished

9- reboot your pc and remove usb mass storage, yout new SO should start