In this brief code I show you how Auto Restart your Application windows service
Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create new Service Project, identifies Service.vb and past this code

Imports System.IO
Public Class clsReboot
	Private Const NAMEOFBAT = "bootI4Ms.bat"
	Private _nameservice As String
	Private _programData As String
	Private _pathService As String
	Sub New(programData As String, nameservice As String)
		_programData = programData
		_nameservice = nameservice
	End Sub
	Private Function createBat() As Boolean

		Dim bret As Boolean = False
		If DeleteBath() Then'delete exist file bat
				IO.File.AppendAllText(_programData & "\" & NAMEOFBAT, "net stop " & _nameservice & vbCrLf)
				IO.File.AppendAllText(_programData & "\" & NAMEOFBAT, "net start " & _nameservice & vbCrLf)
			Catch ex As Exception
				bret = False
			End Try
			dataLogger("Delete not Allowed", "createBat")
		End If

		Return bret
	End Function
	Private Function DeleteBath() As Boolean
		Dim bret As Boolean = True
		Dim prompt As String = "chkBat"
			If IO.File.Exists(_programData & "\" & NAMEOFBAT) Then
				IO.File.Delete(_programData & "\" & NAMEOFBAT)

			End If

		Catch ex As Exception
			bret = False
			dataLogger(ex.Message , prompt)
		End Try
		Return bret
	End Function

	Public Sub AutoRestartService()
		Dim prompt As String = "AutoRestartService"

			If createBat() Then
				Dim fileBath As String = _programData & "\" & NAMEOFBAT ' "bootI4Tk.bat"

				If Not System.IO.File.Exists(fileBath) Then
					dataLogger("Reboot not Allowed",  prompt)
					Exit Sub
				End If
				dataLogger("Ok reboot",  prompt)

				Dim procStartInfo As New ProcessStartInfo
				With procStartInfo
					.UseShellExecute = True
					.FileName = fileBath
					.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal
					.CreateNoWindow = False
					.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
					.UseShellExecute = True
					.Verb = "runas" 'add this to prompt for elevation

				End With
				Dim process As Process = process.Start(procStartInfo)
				dataLogger("Bath not found ", prompt)
			End If

		Catch ex As Exception
			dataLogger("Reboot error:" & ex.Message,  prompt)
		End Try
	End Sub
End Class

'insert your desiderate path ro create a file bat and your service name to reboot
Dim yourdesideratepath As string,yourservicename As string
sub subReboot()
	Dim tryReboot As New clsReboot(yourdesideratepath,yourservicename)
end sub

'this timer force Autorestart when day changed
 Private Sub Elapse(sender As Object, e As Timers.ElapsedEventArgs)
	Dim prompt As String = "Elapse"
	Dim t As Timers.Timer = TryCast(sender, Timers.Timer)
	t.Enabled = False

		If NewDay  Now.Day Then 'day changed
			NewDay = Now.Day 
			subReboot()'force restart
		End If
	Catch ex As Exception
	End Try
	t.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub dataLogger(Byval txt,Byval  prompt)
End Sub

you identifies OnStart Event and add

Protected Overrides Sub OnStart(ByVal args() As String)
	Dim dayP As New Timers.Timer
	AddHandler dayP.Elapsed, AddressOf Elapse	
	dayP.Interval = 2000
	dayP.Enabled = True
End Sub

Compile project and install it
Running with Administrator Privileges cmd.exe and typing these row of command

cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
installutil "C:\pathofyourservice\servicename.exe"

Your service is installed, from windows service find it and click on start,
wait until midnight to test it.