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[SQL]How to know structure of your database

In this brief code I show you to know structure of your database and this is my result of query: see also: Change db schema


[SQL] How to change fromdbo schema to todbo

In this post I show you how to change a schema of your table. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Create new query and past this code you substitute toschema with your new schema value and fromschema with old schema.... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] INSERT,UPDATE and DELETE with ExecuteStoreCommand

In this post I will show you how to perform SQL command operation using ExecuteStoreCommand with Entity Frameworks

[SQL] How to show mutiple duplicate row

Source Table ID TRAN_ID CODTER 1 2 99999 2 3 25 3 4 35 4 2 99999 5 2 99999 6 3 25 7 3 25 Result Table ID TRAN_ID CODTER COUNT 1 2 99999 3 4 2 99999 3... Continue Reading →

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