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Telegram Custom Keyboard

This brief post show you how to implement custom keyboard for your telegram bot with button text and emoji, but before reading this post, you must reading, this post and this one if you haven't read it yet. This function... Continue Reading →


ExecuteStoreQuery how to use it

ExecuteStoreQuery, executes a query directly against the data source and returns a sequence of typed results. Calling the ExecuteStoreQuery method is equivalent to calling the ExecuteReader method of the DbCommand class, only ExecuteStoreQuery returns entities and the ExecuteReader returns property... Continue Reading →

Telegram Send a Smile

The smile consists of hexadecimal digit code, in this post, I show you how to use this hexadecimal digit and how to make to Smile your bot 😀 , but before reading this post, you must reading, this post and... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] Moving some files with the same extension

In this Brief code I show you how to move all file with a desiderate extension.

Get UNC path of a network drive

UNC, it is acronym of the Universal Naming Convention is the naming system used in Windows for accessing shared network folders on a local area network I use this code to obtain UNC path from local Name drive path: Create... Continue Reading →

Telegram Send and Receive a Document File

In this brief post I show you how to send and receive a file from telegram app, before reading this post You must read this Post If would you like to send a document file, you must invoke sendMessageFile Function... Continue Reading →

Receive Telegram messages

You have a Bot Telegram but you do not know how to read messages? Telegram, what do I need? 1- you must have a bot telegram, This post show you how to create a bot and send messages 2- Bot... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] Convert String Date to Date without using Culture

The normal data conversion depends on system language and/or date format. you use this brief code if you do not want to manage the culture.

[CONSOLE] Install/Uninstall Windows Service

If you’re developing a Windows Service by using the .NET Framework, you can quickly install your service application by using a command-line utility called InstallUtil.exe. I usually use two bat files the first one for installation and the second for... Continue Reading →

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