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[VB.NET] Convert Hex String to Byte Array

In this brief code I show a method of conversion from string of hex data to array of bytes. input string: shex = "00010A" return: array of bytes 0,1,10 see also:String date conversion


[Arduino] How to read Ambient temperature with LM35

Arduino MCU have a six Analog Input in this brief post, I show you how to read Ambient temperature by LM35, it is connected with Analog Input pin A0.

[CONSOLE] Move All Files from source directory to another using Wildcard

Sometimes it may happen to want to move many files from one location to another, for do this, I use these command line, filtering by a specific extension of file, we open cmd.exe and digit these row: first row, change... Continue Reading →

[SQL] How to change fromdbo schema to todbo

In this post I show you how to change a schema of your table. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Create new query and past this code you substitute toschema with your new schema value and fromschema with old schema.... Continue Reading →

[C Language] Function to return string

In this post I will show you two method to return a string from a generic function. First one method use a variable global as string Second one method, used an argument of a function as char pointer How this... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] FindAll and Predicate

In this short post we'll see how create a simple predicate class to use with FindAll. The following code lists all files presents into a directory and filters only with by "txt" extension.

[C Language] Bubble Sort how it works

Bubble sort is a simple sorting algorithm, it compares each pair of adjacent items and swaps them if they are in the wrong order, this passes must be repeated until no swaps are needed, for more detail: Click here How... Continue Reading →

[C Language] How to pass an Array of string to a Function

With this post I show you how to create an array of strings and how you can pass it to a function. This is result: another method, see also: Array Of Strings

Create an Image of your PC

In this article I show you how to clone your old hard disk and copy it into new hard disk through a mass storage as bootable key Il would you like to change your hard disk but ¬†you don't reinstall... Continue Reading →

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