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[C Language] How to Replace string

This function returns the number of substitutions and a new string with All replacements made to the original string.  

[C Language] How to trim a string

[Filezilla] Export/Import Sites list

If would you like to use your sites in another pc,¬†Filezilla can do it thorugh an xml file, this procedure is very simple with this steps: 1 - Open up your Filezilla FTP Client 2 - Click on Site Manager... Continue Reading →

[C language] How to split a string by a specific character and pass it into string array

How to use this function Split Function

[SQL] How to show mutiple duplicate row

Source Table ID TRAN_ID CODTER 1 2 99999 2 3 25 3 4 35 4 2 99999 5 2 99999 6 3 25 7 3 25 Result Table ID TRAN_ID CODTER COUNT 1 2 99999 3 4 2 99999 3... Continue Reading →

[C language] How to create an array of string and pass it to a function

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