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[C Language] How to implement a List Of String

In this post I show you how to implement a list(static) of string without using memory allocation How to use it. Output Console windows See also:List of Queue and List Of Dictionary


[C Language] How to implement a Dictionary with Key(int) and Value(string)

A dictionary is a data structure that represents a collection of keys and values.…Pairs of data items that have a one-to-one association. In this post I show you how implement a very simple Dictionary with Key as integer and value... Continue Reading →

[CONSOLE] Searching recursively one string on windows OS

If would you like to find file that contain a specific string open cmd.exe and digit: /S Searches for matching files in the current directory and all subdirectories and /M prints only the file name if a file contains a... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] How to install application windows service without using installutil

In this post I show you how to implement install or uninstall your application service, Without using installutil application. Into your Service Project locate ProjectInstaller.vb file And populate the Install and Uninstall funcotion as below Now, move into Setup Project... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] How to solve error missing entry point SetClrFeatureSwitchMap in SqlServerSpatial110.dll

Entity framework can't make updates in db (missing entry point SetClrFeatureSwitchMap in SqlServerSpatial110.dll) Into your project, right button on your project and select add, new item, common items, general and application configuration file, click ok and file app.config will open.... Continue Reading →

[VB.NET] INSERT,UPDATE and DELETE with ExecuteStoreCommand

In this post I will show you how to perform SQL command operation using ExecuteStoreCommand with Entity Frameworks

[C Language] How to extract substring between two words

How to use extractContent function: Result of TestFunction:

[C Language] Static Queue of string

A queue is a collection of data, in this collection the first element added(enqueue) to the queue, will be the first one to be removed this operation is named dequeue(Wikipedia). In this post I show you how implement a very... Continue Reading →

[C Language] How to set, reset and get a bit

Setting a bit Use the bitwise OR(|) operator to set a bit, this function return 1 if value was changed Clearing a bit This function test a bit passed , if it is up execute a difference between Value and... Continue Reading →

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